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Default Password Of Spice Qt-59

Spice Qt-59

Phone Lock - 1122
Privacy Lock - 1122

100% Working Test On My Own Cellphone

Reset Nokia Security/Lock code to 12345

Today I am going to explain the same method in more detail.Download the mdl file from the link given at the end of this article. 

You will need a card reader to perform this operation.
1) Remove memory card from your locked Nokia mobile phone.
2) Put your card into card reader and connect it with your computer. Create
the directory SystemRecogs and copy thc-nokia-unlock.mdl into this directory. So at the end your file will be in System/recogs directory of your mmc.
3) Remove the Memory Card and place it into the locked phone.
4) Now start your locked phone and wait for some time when it asks for the code. Let this tool reset the code for you. Wait for 2 minutes and then enter 12345 in the code box.
5) Done. Your security code will be reset to 12345.
This method is tested on Nokia N72 and it’s 100% working. Ask me if you need any help on this.

                        Download Link:-
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how to change windows os password? without knowing the original one

For changing your windows password without knowing old password. Just follow some step given below:
1) Goto 'Run'.
2) Type "cmd", Press enter.
3) Now type 'net user'.
4) Check which user you change the password.
5) Now type 'net user username *'
6)They ask for password just enter your password and conform it
7)if you type passwd then you can actually see the password while typing it.

Enjoy It!

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